Apple Jar cake

I decided I wanted to make something nice for my boyfriend and there is nothing more special than a cake in a jar.

Because my boyfriend loves apples there was only one flavour I could go for.

This was a bit of an experiment. I choppred up pieces of apple (Golden Delicious was all I had on hand) to add to the mixture and added a drop of apple juice to the mixture and to the buttercream. The result was fairly successful. It tasted delicious but not with the apple flavour I was hoping for, as it wasn’t very strong.

But it went down well anyway :D

I made the rest of the mixture into cakes


Home-made Fudge!

Fudge is probably the most delicious thing ever, so I wanted to make this ever since I found the recipe. Being home-made just makes it so much better.

Fudge can very easily go wrong so I’m so happy that it managed to turn out so right and deicious. In fact, it was so delicious all of it had been eaten before I could take pictures of it cut up.

Awesome finds: camera

My Gran was giving me her sewing machine. When we were rummaging around for parts we found this:

My Gran acquired the camera from her mum. As she’s over 80 now you can see it’s very old.

I just love how old it looks and that it comes with all its original papers, slides and box. It’s really beautiful.

Some more pictures after the jump:

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