Behold! Book clock!

One day I decided I wanted to make something that looked really good.

I found the idea on this post over at rufflesandstuff. It is so simple to make, but it looks super effective so I wanted to try it for myself. I went to a local charity book shop and looked for the prettiest book I could find. I ended up with The Silmarillion by Tolkien. I felt quite bad about that, but it had such a beautiful cover.

I followed the instructions on the post. The only thing I would change is to make the hole in the cover after fitting the mechanism in. I found I was a little bit out so I had to extend the hole.

But it looks brilliant. I’m so happy with the result.

Though I now need to figure out what to do with these:


Home-made tea bags.

So I’d been thinking what to get my boyfriend for his birthday for a long time. Nothing seemed right until I saw this post on A Beautiful Mess.

It’s DIY. Jay loves tea. It was perfect.

Of course I went a step further and made a box to put all the tea bags in.

I used Apple Tea, bought from my favourite tea shop, as it’s Jay’s favourite.


I was too lazy to look at the post at the time I actually made it so I did it all from memory, which I think worked out better because it meant I could put my own touches to it.


Every teabag was hand-stitched. It was quite time consuming but I found it was nice to do as I watched TV. They turned out great and really had that home-made look.

I made 17 in all. I am so happy how they turned out.

Robot in the Christmas tree…

I made a robot :D

This was part of Jay’s birthday present. He’s made from felt and stuffed with polyester stuffing. I’m quite proud of him. After my initial plan failed I quickly sketched out a design, cut out the pieces and sew them together. As my first ever felt project I think it went very well.

Afterwards, I couldn’t resist putting him in the tree for a quick snap.

His current function is to protect the TV.